FIX: Use `` instead of `localhost` for ember CLI

FIX: Use instead of localhost for ember CLI

On new macs, localhost resolves to IPV6 of ::1 and unfortunately unicorn doesn’t bind to IPv6 by default.

This seems to be the path of least resistance. By using we force IPv4 which works great.

diff --git a/bin/ember-cli b/bin/ember-cli
index e693111..a646b63 100755
--- a/bin/ember-cli
+++ b/bin/ember-cli
@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ require 'pathname'
 RAILS_ROOT = File.expand_path("../../",
 PORT = ENV["UNICORN_PORT"] ||= "3000"
 yarn_dir = File.join(RAILS_ROOT, "app/assets/javascripts/discourse")

GitHub sha: 5998e69b9c516195de097f226d349dab10954df2

This commit appears in #14866 which was approved by markvanlan. It was merged by eviltrout.