FIX: Use include-subcategories filter in report export (PR #10007)


Might be worth extracting this array into a constant.

Why are you using dash “include-subcategories” instead of underscore “include_subcategories” on the server-side?

That is the name of the filter. The client uses ‘include-subcategories’ which is changed to ‘include_subcategories’ when a request is made and then the server renames this back.

I tried to follow what we have now, which is not the best. I will change it.

The server-side should always use the :include_subcategories and the client-side should use includeCategories.

Case conversion should be done on the server-side.

Can you check now? I removed the code for renaming (category_id to category, group_id to group, include_subcategories to include-subcategories).

Still seeing include-subcategories on the server-side :wink:

Oh, got it now. Before we had types, filter names and Ember components which rendered the filter had to be exactly the same and since ember components names contain dashes, the same restriction applied to their names. I renamed the filter everywhere.

Same for file-extension :wink: