FIX: Use s3_endpoint in migrate_to_s3 when not using S3

FIX: Use s3_endpoint in migrate_to_s3 when not using S3

  • overrides :region and uses :endpoint when SiteSetting.s3_endpoint is provided
  • Now, we can use the new rake task with DigitalOcean Spaces
  • I’ve tested that it’s compatible with/without bucket folder path
  • I’ve tested that it’s compatible with S3 and it doesn’t break S3 for non-default regions
  • follow-up on 97e17fe0
diff --git a/lib/tasks/uploads.rake b/lib/tasks/uploads.rake
index 40b33e8..6dc6c85 100644
--- a/lib/tasks/uploads.rake
+++ b/lib/tasks/uploads.rake
@@ -246,10 +246,17 @@ def migrate_to_s3
   bucket_has_folder_path = true if ENV["DISCOURSE_S3_BUCKET"].include? "/"
-  s3 =
+  opts = {
     region: ENV["DISCOURSE_S3_REGION"],
     access_key_id: ENV["DISCOURSE_S3_ACCESS_KEY_ID"],
-    secret_access_key: ENV["DISCOURSE_S3_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY"])
+    secret_access_key: ENV["DISCOURSE_S3_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY"]
+  }
+  # S3::Client ignores the `region` option when an `endpoint` is provided.
+  # Without `region`, non-default region bucket creation will break for S3, so we can only
+  # define endpoint when not using S3 i.e. when SiteSetting.s3_endpoint is provided.
+  opts[:endpoint] = SiteSetting.s3_endpoint if SiteSetting.s3_endpoint.present?
+  s3 =
   if bucket_has_folder_path
     bucket, folder = S3Helper.get_bucket_and_folder_path(ENV["DISCOURSE_S3_BUCKET"])

GitHub sha: e69634ec

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