[FIX] Webauthn security key fixes after real-world usage (PR #8135)

Fixes for initial round of QA/real-world usage outlined in Webauthn support - feature - Discourse Meta

  • Fix security key 2FA not working in the mobile login view


  • Bring the password confirmation & reset password link UI for the second factor preferences area of the profile into line with other UI elements in the app

  • Change copy from Disable when removing security keys to Delete


  • Improve error message copy when a user attempts to register a security key they already have registered (“borrowing” Chrome’s excellent copy here)



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I believe d-button already has btn as a class.

            <a href class="instructions" {{action "resetPassword"}}>{{i18n 'user.second_factor.forgot_password'}}</a>

I’m going to merge this in, so mobile login isn’t broken; other code suggestions here are pretty trivial. Thanks @mjrbrennan !