gravatar settings and global env (PR #3037)

  • Added the enable_gravatar to enable local gravatar images storage
  • Rename automatically_download_gravatars to automatically_refresh_gravatars, also change the scheduled job to refresh gravatars
  • Using GlobalSetting.gravatar_url(DISCOURSE_GRAVATAR_URL) to download gravatars.
  • Avatar selector UI now reflects the site settings.
  • FIX: the uploaded custom avatar can not be save

DEPENDS ON: discourse_docker PR 117


You’ve signed the CLA, fantasticfears. Thank you! This pull request is ready for review.

Hmm, looks like this needs a rebase. Can you fix that @fantasticfears?


@ZogStriP can we merge this if it is good?

This all feels odd to me, where is the discussion that explains all the issues this is solving?

@SamSaffron I believe it’s to get around the Great China Wall

@SamSaffron Not mentioned that on meta. And yes, prefix part is because of GFW

@SamSaffron I am OK to remove the gravatar prefix. Then the PR would be adding a site setting to disable gravatar .

Can this be resolved and merged or are there still issues?

Closing this since there’s too much changes packed in the same PR. @fantasticfears would you mind make several small PR so that we can review them more easily?