import pkuczynski public key for RVM install (PR #10139)

RVM release 1.29.10 is signed with @pkuczynski’s key, so we need to import their key in order for the RVM installation to be verified. Otherwise it fails with this message:

gpg: key 3804BB82D39DC0E3: public key "Michal Papis (RVM signing) <>" imported
gpg: Total number processed: 1
gpg:               imported: 1
# ...
gpg: Signature made Wed Mar 25 21:58:42 2020 UTC
gpg:                using RSA key 7D2BAF1CF37B13E2069D6956105BD0E739499BDB
# ...
GPG signature verification failed for '/usr/local/rvm/archives/rvm-1.29.10.tgz' - ''! Try to install GPG v2 and then fetch the public key:

    gpg2 --keyserver hkp:// --recv-keys 409B6B1796C275462A1703113804BB82D39DC0E3 7D2BAF1CF37B13E2069D6956105BD0E739499BDB

or if it fails:

    command curl -sSL | gpg2 --import -
    command curl -sSL | gpg2 --import -

In case of further problems with validation please refer to

As per the recommendation in the error, this PR adds an import of @pkuczynski’s key in addition to the one from @mpapis, assuming that it’s still possible for a release to be signed by either’s key.


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