Investigate possible retained memory in presence (PR #14770)


I noticed that no calling unsubscribe on a channel was preventing state to be released:

I commented out unexisting channel for now, as we actually can’t call unsubscribe on them.

just a note but I think it might actually be a good idea to use different channel names in each test so it’s easier to track

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It seems like we can’t GC this as it’s holding reference to presence service which is also not released

@davidtaylorhq This is only a draft and I doubt it will be more than this, whatever I tried to do, I failed to removed the remaining PresenceService / ComposerPresenceManager objects, I somehow wonder if there’s not some kind of circular reference here, with objects using both services and composer presence manager having a reference to presence service.

This not actually fixing the issue, but if we are not going to run this in tests, maybe just better not adding the listener at all ?