new S3 backup layout (PR #9830)

Currently, with $S3_BACKUP_BUCKET of “bucket/backups”, multisite backups end up in “bucket/backups/backups/dbname/” and single-site will be in “bucket/backups/”.

Both should be in “bucket/backups/dbname/”


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I didn’t test it, but the code changes look good to me! :+1:

The code looks good to me as well without local testing, but it would be good to have a test for VacateLegacyPrefixBackups so we can see “we are starting with this key, and ending up with this key, and copy object is hit with the correct params, and then the legacy key is removed”. I think it would help to visualise what the vacate_legacy_prefix operation is doing. Maybe a comment to warn people not to use vacate_legacy_prefix outside of the job, because it is a complex and destructive operation?

@vinothkannans can you help get this across the line by adding a test and merging?

PSA: New folder structure won’t be created until a first backup is triggered.