PERF: enable bootsnap globally

PERF: enable bootsnap globally

If people wish to opt out they can use DISABLE_BOOTSNAP = 1

Bootsnap is production ready and was tested on our production servers for safety.

Promoting it now so it is enabled globally.

Will result in faster application boot

diff --git a/config/boot.rb b/config/boot.rb
index affd36c..572d833 100644
--- a/config/boot.rb
+++ b/config/boot.rb
@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ ENV['BUNDLE_GEMFILE'] ||= File.expand_path('../../Gemfile', __FILE__)
 require 'bundler/setup' if File.exists?(ENV['BUNDLE_GEMFILE'])
-if (ENV['FORCE_BOOTSNAP'] == '1') || (ENV['RAILS_ENV'] != 'production' && ENV['RAILS_ENV'] != 'profile')
+if (ENV['DISABLE_BOOTSNAP'] != '1')
     require 'bootsnap'
   rescue LoadError

GitHub sha: 7589551d

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