Poll migration is not idempotent (#7964)

Poll migration is not idempotent (#7964)

The migration script is not idempotent due to database constrains on the poll related objects, namely:

polls: index_polls_on_post_id_and_name (post_id,name) UNIQUE poll_options: index_poll_options_on_poll_id_and_digest (poll_id,digest) UNIQUE poll_votes: index_poll_votes_on_poll_id_and_poll_option_id_and_user_id (poll_id,poll_option_id,user_id) UNIQUE

This change skips a particular poll migration if it’s already found on the db.

diff --git a/plugins/poll/db/post_migrate/20180820080623_migrate_polls_data.rb b/plugins/poll/db/post_migrate/20180820080623_migrate_polls_data.rb
index 07e2336..047164f 100644
--- a/plugins/poll/db/post_migrate/20180820080623_migrate_polls_data.rb
+++ b/plugins/poll/db/post_migrate/20180820080623_migrate_polls_data.rb
@@ -95,6 +95,8 @@ class MigratePollsData < ActiveRecord::Migration[5.2]
         step = poll["step"].to_i.clamp(0, max)
         anonymous_voters = poll["anonymous_voters"].to_i.clamp(0, PG_INTEGER_MAX)
+        next if Poll.exists?(post_id: r.post_id, name: escape(name))
         poll_id = execute(<<~SQL
           INSERT INTO polls (

GitHub sha: b500ef77

Should this be done in SQL instead?

Yes since it’s in a migration this should be done in SQL. cc @ZogStriP


Yes these kind of things tend to be timebombs.

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FIX: replace model usage with SQL query