Prevent click from being trapped in the editor field (PR #108)

Fixes issue where enter stops working in editor when search box is open. The other option would be to selectively stop intercepting enter, but closing the search box like would happen when you click elsewhere seems more intuitive.

I don’t think that false is necessary anywhere else, but if for whatever reason it is it’s possible to switch the composer view to explicitly return true after calling the controller click() instead.


A commit that appears in this pull request is being discussed here.

It seems to be fine from what testing I knew to do, yeah. The false just bubbles up through the view’s click handler, so it’s possible to just explicitly return a non-false there instead if you’d rather do that. I couldn’t see a reason for the false in the controller though.

As long as the view handler doesn’t return false, the handler for the search box will close it as expected.

k, lets see what happens deploying soon …