REFACTOR: General component overhaul (PR #19)

  • Uses topic-navigation and after-topic-progress outlets for better placement of TOC and more stability
    • expanded/collapsed state of component relies on core’s full vs minimized timeline placement, so it should be more stable
  • Moves JS code into separate files
  • Simplifies/centralizes SCSS (and avoids
  • Removes all usage of jQuery


It’s a bit weird to default no user to an empty string. Maybe the code should return if there is no currentUser

Nice catch, no need to do anything here for anons, indeed. Fixed!

I don’t think overflow is animatable property, so this is a no-op.

Arrow function could be used here

    "eslint-config-discourse": "^1.1.9"

This and the other loop should probably be replaced with for-of or forEach

couldn’t we use a d-button here directly ?