REFACTOR: Update the notification menu to remove scrolling (PR #10371)

This removes the need for the notification menu to scroll at various browser heights. Instead a flex layout is used to shift overflowed items into a hidden column. This also means we no longer need to estimate the menu height using JS because it’s handled in CSS.


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new alerts:

  • 4 for Unused variable, import, function or class

This looks much cleaner, just a few minor comments.

It looks like with this refactor you don’t need hasMore() or estimateItemLimit() at all.

Ideally, this would work without !important.

hasMore() was being used in one place, quick-access-profile.js, so I changed it to hideBottomItems() set it to return false here and have it return true in quick-access-profile.js.

Removed estimateItemLimit().

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new alerts:

  • 1 for Useless assignment to local variable