Remove trailing whitespaces (PR #259)

Trailing whitespaces are evil, let’s get rid of them?


Oh, at last! All my diffs used to be bloated with vim’s automatic whitespace trimming.

@goshakkk Please revert empty lines in specs. It breaks the build:

@kirushik reverted the exact lines that were breaking the build (HTML response expectations). Should now be all green. :green_heart:

Green now.

Sorry about this, but I just did a HUGE JS refactor after our move from coffeescript and It broke your patch. The good news is I now have sublime text set to remove white space on save so it should happen less :slight_smile:

Any chance you could rebase again? SORRY!

@eviltrout alright, just rebased.

I broke it again so this time I fixed it and merged it. Thanks :fish: