Revert "DEV: Add `add_controller_callback` server side plugin api."

Revert “DEV: Add add_controller_callback server side plugin api.”

This reverts commit 8233610d92fb7241658c6888f378c5ddd587e324.

Too much messy around with blocks to support before_action and around_action.

diff --git a/lib/plugin/instance.rb b/lib/plugin/instance.rb
index a127ce0..647a453 100644
--- a/lib/plugin/instance.rb
+++ b/lib/plugin/instance.rb
@@ -235,16 +235,6 @@ class Plugin::Instance
-  def add_controller_callback(klass_name, callback, &block)
-    reloadable_patch do |plugin|
-      klass = klass_name.to_s.classify.constantize rescue klass_name.to_s.constantize
-      klass.public_send(callback) do |controller, action|
-, action) if plugin.enabled?
-      end
-    end
-  end
   # Add a post_custom_fields_whitelister block to the TopicView, respecting if the plugin is enabled
   def topic_view_post_custom_fields_whitelister(&block)
     reloadable_patch do |plugin|

GitHub sha: d2267834