Show next unread pending topic after approving/asking for follow up

When there are several #pending topics, if you click :+1: Approve or :clock4: Follow Up you’ll automatically be redirected to the oldest #pending topic.

This is annoying as sometimes I want to quickly go through the list of unread #pending topics and mark as approved/to follow up some of them and get back to the largest #pending commits once I’m done.

With the current behavior, I’m always redirected to the oldest #pending topic which I’ve already read and is forcing me to click on another topic via the suggested topics list.

Can we change that to instead automatically redirect to the oldest unread #pending topic?


Sure make it so, feel free to tweak the ordering


@nbianca can you take this?

When there are unread #pending topics, we should prefer those when automatically redirecting after clicking Approve or Follow up.


This is done. :white_check_mark:
FEATURE: Next topic URL prefers unread topics. by nbianca · Pull Request #3 · discourse/discourse-code-review · GitHub