Simplification of install Guide (PR #13716)

Working with @osioke to simplify a few pain areas of the install guide.

Still a Work in progress, More changes incoming.


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The title of this pull request changed from “[WIP] Simplification of install Guide” to "Simplification of install Guide

@osioke let’s keep Jay in there for now, unless we hear from Jeff about it. That would also remove the need for the or less bit :+1:

Let’s replace this sentence with “Alternatively, you can ssh into your server and rebuild:”?

I don’t want to keep adding things to this doc but maybe a word or two in this sentence could link to How to migrate from one platform / forum to Discourse - migration - Discourse Meta?

@rishabhnambiar done! What do you think?

ping @rishabhnambiar Can you have a look again ?

@itsbhanusharma this is sadly conflicting, can you rebase?

@itsbhanusharma this is sadly conflicting, can you rebase?

Sure, I’ll rebase it as soon as I have access to a desktop

ping @rishabhnambiar Can you have a look again ?

My bad @tgxworld, missed the notification. Will review after the rebase :+1:

@SamSaffron @rishabhnambiar I’ve (hopefully) rebased, can you please verify if I’ve missed something?