Spelling db migrate (PR #12811)

This is split from #12779


I’m not sure what the old or new behavior are doing here. Since it’s a migration, this probably indicates it failed and a new migration would be required to achieve the goal desired by the code here.

I’ve pulled over a couple of comment changes, they’re harmless, but it made it easier to split this directory away from the other changes.

Afaict, this raise failed because the class didn’t exist, which would trigger a different exception ActiveRecord::IrreversibleMigration


Nobody ever rolls back migrations. That’s why it was never discovered. It’s save to fix. :+1:

nullabe was an invalid option that got ignored. Looks like we still ended up with the correct column definition. Anyway, we should change it to the following:

    add_column :users, :automatically_unpin_topics, :boolean, null: false, default: true

Different exception, same outcome. It’s safe to change.