Spelling (PR #12779)

For large PRs, I expect to split them in some way. Possibly by directory or file type. I try to keep commits by word until right before merging as it enables me to drop a correction if a project objects to it.

This PR corrects misspellings identified by the check-spelling action.

The misspellings have been reported at Add check-spelling · jsoref/discourse@23d45ce · GitHub

The action reports that the changes in this PR would make it happy: Verify spelling fixes pass check-spelling · jsoref/discourse@e65dc1f · GitHub

Note that GitHub has a 250 commit limit for some review tools and this is 260.

Note: this PR does not include the action. If you’re interested in running a spell check on every PR and push, that can be offered separately.


This is a brand and this specific instance is user facing (specifically it shows up in the PR I just made).

I skipped the class flavors since I’m not sure if changing them would be problematic.

I’m not certain about the word, or whether this has any api implications

I’m not sure if any things like these are api breaks

hopefully internal

dev facing


I’m assuming that these usernames aren’t particularly important. I’m happy to drop any changes.

For the most part, I’ve actually skipped usernames…



I’m going to drop this. Apparently it’s a domain (although it isn’t responding to http/https requests)




it’s likely this will break a schema, so this is probably wrong.

Right, this needs to be dropped

this needs to be dropped (I should have skipped migrations entirely)

obviously this change should be dropped. Although I do wonder about the file rename. I’ll probably drop it as well.

probably need to drop

this could actually be retained