Support for sending PMs to email addresses (PR #4988)


You’ve signed the CLA, nbianca. Thank you! This pull request is ready for review.

Let us know when this is ready.

Some stuff to consider:

  • Send PM to email should be gated by trust level, out of the box only available to TL4 and above.
  • If there is no way to “reply” via email then the option should be disabled for staff
  • Be sure to add some screenshots of how this works

I fixed the merge conflicts. I have also tested and it works as expected. Still have to do proper email validation and some tests and it’s ready.

Looks like there are some rubocop failures … can you install rubocop locally and run it on the files.

Which editor are you using?

@tgxworld we need a post on meta that explains the whole rubocop thing ASAP

This looks hardcoded to me, it really should be a site setting.

we also need quite a few tests here , especially for the server side / api side of things.

I would default this to 4, 3 is too low.

also, lets add one more setting so we can only enable this for staff. default is only staff are allowed this feature.

the tricky thing though is that you may not want to enable this at all in the UI if you know the user has no access, maybe serialize to current user if user is allowed or not.

Is there a reason for the transaction here? I should be wrapped in a parent transaction anyway

Ok, I will add that.

That does make sense. I will make the changes too.

Makes sense. I missed the parent transaction.

The title of this pull request changed from “[WIP] Support for sending PMs to email addresses” to "Support for sending PMs to email addresses

the text here should be improved, this requires that enable_staged_users is true

OK, lets try this out! thanks!