updated copy for reply_as_new_group_message (PR #13754)

I changed from “Create a new private message with the same recipients” to “Create new message starting with same recipients”.

Wanting to remove “private” because these messages are not private (admins can read them unless encrypted messaging is in use). Also want to communicate that this is a way to expand the conversation to new people without having to explicitly invite them to the current message, or give them access to the past discussions.

ref: Discourse Dev

ref: How do you add another person to a private message when it's already sent? - #8 by EricGT - support - Discourse Meta


Not to bikeshed here, but I find “starting with” more awkward than “with the same”

How strongly do you feel about this? I’m happy to remove “private”

Maybe it should “starting with the same recipients”? The idea is that it evokes the fact that you can still add/remove recipients to your new message after selecting this option. We don’t have much space.

If you find this option or it doesn’t evoke this to you, then sure we can change it back but remove “private”. Or maybe you have a better idea?

I prefer “Create new message with same recipients” but I’ll approve and leave it up to you :slight_smile: