User card settings (PR #10302)

Done changes, but few specs are getting failed by raising Mocha::ExpectationError: which i am not able to solve. Can u please help me out for it.

@jahan-ggn I took a look at those errors you were having, and created a pull request to address them

The issue was the entire instance of guardian was being stubbed, and your new methods did not exist for the stub. Those tests were very flaky, so it is good that they ended up failing so that we have the opportunity to make them better.

@eviltrout @markvanlan Ok the tests are passing now. Thanks a lot for the fix. Is everything else fine?

I’m still seeing a failure in the webhook serializer.

@eviltrout @markvanlan now everything working fine?

One last thing - I think previously anyone could do this operation, but the new site settings default to 1. I think the default needs to be 0.

@eviltrout change default value to 0 from 1.

This is looking good now, but there are merge conflicts. If we sort those out I can merge.

@eviltrout are u sure? because GitHub says no conflicts!

Weird, I swear there were conflicts before! They are gone now and we’re good to go, thank you!

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