UX: Add hover and focus states to stacked nav (PR #13301)


I think font-weight should be off limits in terms of properties that change on hover. That always leads to problems.

I bet there’s already a language where a label is single line but bold font is just enough of a change to tip it over into a second line, thus shifting the whole layout that follows it.

I’d go with adding a background, like we do in most places on hover. And/or color change. transform: translate3d(0.1em, 0, 0) for example would do too, but nothing else uses it in the app yet, so that might be the first choice. :smiley:

@awesomerobot what shall we do here? can we avoid changing font weight on hover?

I’ll close if for now, I agree bold isn’t ideal… but I think there’s a little more work to be done before we can use the background color everywhere.