UX: Add quick filters to reviewable page (PR #9164)

It was annoying me to have to set two different dropdowns whenever I wanted to check for a recently resolved flag. Add a place for buttons for commonly used review filters, which replaces the status chooser above the mobile fold.

“Reset to default” gets special handling in the form of a disable handler.

Additional suggestions for other common filters welcome or can be added in followups.


How do I pass an object in from a Handlebars template?

Should status go above or below the plugin outlet?

This is fairly jank - how do I filter this to approved properties and ideally accept an object from Handlebars?

Can probably be replaced by: https://api.emberjs.com/ember/3.12/classes/@ember%2Fobject%2Fcomputed/methods/not?anchor=not

    setFilters(newFilters) {
actionParam=(hash foo=1 bar=2)

I think this would be a better pattern:


Just checked this PR out to keep it from getting too stale. I think for a new feature like this it would be good to post it on meta first to get feedback, but perhaps before doing so @eviltrout could give his thoughts because he has a lot more review queue experience and ideas for its future.

This is how the feature looks:


Overall I think it is a good idea, because I bet it can get tedious to always select the same drop downs over and over again. My concern though is that these buttons are hard coded and every user is going to want their own version of their “Reviewed” button or any future buttons that we would add. For example they might want it to select the “Minimum Priority” of “High” instead of “(any)”.

I feel like for this feature to be complete it would have to be automatic where we either automatically populate the quick filters based on usage or we add a save button that when clicked would add the current selected filters to a new quick access button. Maybe as a minimum first feature we could add a SiteSetting instead that you could populate with the selected filters you want to always have for the review queue.

As a side note: In the mean time, you could bookmark the “reviewed” filter, use the hamburger-links-component, or even use a go-link :wink: because it looks like the selected filters get populated as query params.

I think @oblakeerickson’s reply is excellent. This really should have some more discussion first.

I made the filters query parameters so you should be able to bookmark a filter in your browser to easily come back to it at any time, so these buttons seem to re-creating that? My big fear is what blake says - that no two people will want exactly the same filters.

@riking maybe let’s move this to meta for discussion instead?