UX: Add simple-list setting type (PR #9970)

AFAIK keyCode is getting deprecated, I know we use it the app, but well if we are writing new code, maybe we should avoid it.


This is something slightly concerning that you are mixing KVO stuff (removeObject) and non KVO stuff (replace) it all works because in the end you do a set I guess.

Maybe you should consider calling arrayContentDidChange when doing replace, this way it will be consistent: https://api.emberjs.com/ember/3.18/classes/MutableArray/methods/removeObject?anchor=removeObject

Thanks @jjaffeux, the last commit should address most of the outstanding items. I also removed support for inputType == array, that pattern is only used in user fields and I think it should be handled outside of the component (in a future PR).

Minor comment, how does the interface scale as the list grows? Do we collapse the list at some point?

I don’t think we currently collapse the list for any of the list type settings.

My feeling is that any gigantic list on this is probably a misusage and should be handled differently. Maybe we should enforce some max items limit ?

I would not add a max limit here, unless we start seeing complaints. For the vast majority of site settings, the items in the list will remain to a reasonable minimum.

I do think the user fields dropdown lists should be collapsible beyond 20-30 items.