UX: adds theme body tab contents to no-ember pages (PR #7903)

Context: https://meta.discourse.org/t/customization-in-body-tag-wont-appear-in-some-pages/105167

If a theme contains some html in the </body> tab, this html is not loaded on no-ember pages like /404

This is not consistent with fact that the contents of the theme’s footer tab are actually loaded on those pages.


Normal pages:


No-ember pages


Notice how the body tab contents are not loaded.


Normal pages (no change)


No-ember pages


The body tab contents are loaded on the page.

Here’s a sample theme that contains the markup added in the screenshots for testing:



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Is this the only page where it’s missing?

Is this the only page where it’s missing?

I believe so @ZogStriP since the other pages where we want theme html to show use either application.html.erb or crawler.html.erb and it’s loaded in both of those.

However, the footer tab is missing from the crawler.html.erb would you like me to include that in this PR or add it in a separate PR?

The crawler template should also have that as well. Fine to add in that PR.

Do you need the raw here? If you do, why isn’t it needed for the footer and in the crawler template?

  <%= theme_lookup("body_tag") %>

@ZogStriP I’m closing this now in favour of a separate PR that implements that changes discussed above.

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@ZogStriP this is continued in #7955