UX: Fix hard coded value in Crazy in Love badge description (PR #9741)

Currently, the Crazy in Love badge’s description has a hard coded value of 50.This should correspond to the max_likes_per_day value instead.


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Where is this translation called from? Don’t we have to pass in the max_likes_per_day when fetching the translation?

Thank you for contributing @rukku

Hi @tgxworld, I’m new to this codebase. I naively assumed that they all inherit from the English locale. Upon checking, this has been hardcoded on the other locales as well. For example, the es and it locales have it too



I’ll have to read up more on how translations are done here.

Thank you for contributing @rukku

Thanks for reviewing @tgxworld.Just realized that this is bigger than I initially thought :astonished: I thought I could just fix it in one place :sweat_smile: Would you know where I can bring up errors in the copy of the site text? I’m assuming they’ll have to fix the reference and then it will have to be propagated to the translators via Transifex or whatever tool is being used now for translations.

Got this response on Discourse

It appears this will be the reference for all the other locales.

Looks like your PR will work as it is a spot that was missed in https://github.com/tgxworld/discourse/commit/9e4fcb1a0a3cbb0061d6b1f56f0260d44883cd8e

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