UX: Hide "Create Tag" option if user cannot create tag. (PR #7723)


You’ve signed the CLA, udan11. Thank you! This pull request is ready for review.

Is this adding an N+1 to the topic list? very concerned about a change here.

Any news about this @udan11?

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I approve of the change but am uneasy with the implementation.

So we really need to carry 3 flavors of category serialization? I worry here that we can introduce code drift this way even with the mixin.

@SamSaffron, I could use the CategorySerializer, which would prevent future code drift at the cost of having bigger payloads.

Hmmm … so we have 3 beasts:

  • serializer for site
  • serializer for categories that show up in topics
  • serializer for edit category modal

I guess it makes sense to have 3, but do we need a mixin here? don’t they all just cascade in size?