UX: Horizontal scroll bar on top of user directory (when needed) (PR #13553)

Horizontal scroll on top will show up if the bottom of the table is below the viewport.


didRender can happen on re-render, so you’d be adding all those event listeners over and over every time it re-renders right? Is there a reason you can’t do it in didInsertElement?

No reason, just mixed the 2 hooks up! Just swapped in didInsertElement

Since tableContainer cannot be observed or part of a computed property, you might as well use this._tableContainer =

What happens if the browser resizes? Does this need to be re-executed?

People shouldn’t do that

Okay fine I’ll take that into account

Okay @eviltrout I refactored it a lot to capture all the elements in the didInsertElement then all the resizing is handled on resize window event

Looks good!