UX: Improve poll builder UI (PR #12549)

New UI:


The code looks quite nice! Thanks :slight_smile:

When I open the modal, it immediately shows the “Enter at least 1 option” error message :cry:

Also, we should probably not show the “delete” icon next to the first option since we can’t ever delete it?


Out of habits, I pressed Enter after entering the first option and it submitted something and closed the modal. It would be great if the textarea would expand if we support newlines in options, or it would automatically add another option.

The gear icon button should maybe have a label or at the very least a title/alt to explain what it does.

The “Allowed groups” text could be more clear. Something like “Limit voting to these groups”?

The “Results” text could be more clear. Something like “Show results…” and then the choices could be “always visible / only after casting a vote / when the poll is closed / staff only”

The “Result chart” options could use an icon / emoji.

In Multiple Choice, it should not be possible to have “min” be greater than “max” (and vice versa). And it should never be possible to have values <= 0. “max” should also never be higher than the number of entered options.