UX: Jump to context search when using Ctrl + F (PR #14611)


The changes look OK to me but I was wondering if it wouldn’t be too hard to test the changes here.

This is my 2 cents but I feel like in topic search is alot more intrusive to the search input and can make it confusing for a new user. topic:12345 isn’t as clear as “search within this topic” which we had previously IMO. Anyway, that is just my 2 cents and I think @sam’s plan is to live with it for a week or two first.

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Closing this for now, we will take a different approach here.

(Testing this is indeed tricky, I tried it, we can’t emulate the actual keyboard event due to Mousetrap. We could sorta get there using appEvents, but that only got me so far, the action was triggered but the await step in the test was returning too early, before the changes had taken place in the DOM.)