UX/PERF: Updates to the read indicator. (PR #8078)

New behavior:

  • When reading someone else’s post, it should show my avatar in there and include me in the count.

  • When reading my post, it should not show my avatar and not include me in the count (because it’s implied that I read that post.)

Perf changes:

Do not make an HTTP call just to update the count. The new count is already available through message bus.



You’ve signed the CLA, romanrizzi. Thank you! This pull request is ready for review.

if this looks good @eviltrout can we merge it?

This is a little confusing. Why does it create a resolved promise only to call then on it and not do any async work?

If the method doesn’t need to do anything async but needs to return a promise, why call then at all?

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I did this to be consistent with the current API (returning a promise). You’re right about executing the code inside a then, I’ll execute it outside the promise.

Let’s try this out, we can always follow it up, but I prefer to merge now to avoid the large amount of HTTP calls when we are all actively reading a message