UX: remove `aria-label` for buttons when `title` attribute exists. (PR #14529)

Both aria-label and title have the same value and NVDA reading both the texts while navigating between buttons. NVDA already has an open issue https://github.com/nvaccess/nvda/issues/7841. We’re removing aria-label until they fix it.


This looks good, though the test failure seems legitimate.

As discussed internally, we should probably pass the aria-label if provided in the initial attributes. (We do currently have some cases where we set both title and aria-label to the same value, but we should clean that up in the relevant templates.)

@vinothkannans can you have a look at the failing test?

@SamSaffron sure, it may need a small fix in tests :+1:

This is now fixed.

Thanks @vinothkannans, we can address passing the aria-label when specifically passed to the component in a separate PR.