UX: removes color on categories if no style chosen (PR #9346)

Removing Color on categories when “none” is selected for category style


This is fine, but could be slightly improved with the equal helper in ember:

First, at the top of your file:

import { equal } from "@ember/object/computed";

Then you can replace this part with a one-liner:

noCategoryStyle: equal('siteSettings.category_style', 'none')

This is not a critical change but a nice improvement.

Thanks for doing this!

          <td class="category {{if c.isMuted 'muted'}} {{if noCategoryStyle "no-category-style"}}" style={{unless noCategoryStyle (border-color c.color)}}>

The else condition of the inline if should not be required here.

This “new-” class looks weird, can you describe why we are changing this?

This was merged from the master when I did a git pull