UX: Show a "Summarize" button in topic timeline (PR #13533)

Makes it a little easy to access the summary feature of large topics, given that the existing button at the bottom of the OP is easy to miss.


      short_title: "Show a summary of this topic: the most interesting posts as determined by the community"

This is a neat idea. We should give it a try.

We should put an icon here. I feel like our buttons look weird when we don’t have one! Does the summarize button in the topic map have one?

No, we don’t use an icon there. It’s a little tricky to find an appropriate one.

Maybe Font Awesome or Font Awesome?

Here’s what this look like with the layer-group icon added to both buttons:

That’s a really nice icon!

I wonder how this will look in more verbose languages.

@CvX this is default off. But yeah, it probably won’t look great on verbose languages.