UX: Show vertical topic timeline while composing (PR #8813)

When enough vertical space is available, we should show the vertical topic timeline, it provides easier access to navigating within the topic while replying. (This is particularly useful on long topics.)

The change is best described using before/after videos.

Before current-timeline

After proposed-timeline



You’ve signed the CLA, pmusaraj. Thank you! This pull request is ready for review.

I know you didn’t introduce them, but I dislike the magic numbers here. Maybe in the future we can derrive them somehow from the layout?

Yes, agreed. It’s probably not too tricky to infer from a calculation of window height minus (composer height plus header height plus some padding). I’ll see if I can do that now, while we’re at it.

Awesome, I always prefer that.

@pmusaraj I found a bug that seems to originate in this PR:


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FIX: Improve topic timeline calculation logic · discourse/discourse@f782c30 · GitHub should fix the issue.

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It does! Thanks! :green_heart: