UX: suspend forever time period messages (PR #13776)

When the Forever option is selected for suspending a user, the user is suspended for 1000 years. Without customizing the site’s text, this time period is displayed to the user in the suspension email that is sent to the user, and if the user attempts to log back into the site. Telling someone that they have been suspended for 1000 years seems likely to come across as a bad attempt at humour (topic on meta)

This PR special case messages when a user suspended or silenced forever.


The title of this pull request changed from “UX: suspend forever time period message” to "UX: suspend forever time period messages

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Can we instead have a method on the user model like suspended_forever? that we can use everywhere?

That’ll be prefect :+1:, done.

Considering the current longevity of website and humans, 100 years should be enough?

    silenced_till > 100.years.from_now

Hmm, when suspending forever we’re suspending even for 1000 years :slight_smile: But yes 100 years here is better.

I hope Discourse lasts long enough that this becomes a bug!

That’ll be a tremendous thing to celebrate :slight_smile: