UX: use share modal in dominating topic msg (PR #13837)

follow up to 5f6b9e3

This uses the new share modal instead of the old invite modal, also updated the button to reflect the change

Screen Shot 2021-07-23 at 4 11 27 PM


It’s better to use:

import { inject as controller } from "@ember/controller";

// then in the component:
composer: controller(),

// and in the action:
import { action } from "@ember/object";

// …
shareModal() {

is preferred

Extracting { topic } = composer earlier would make all these a bit shorter and more readable.

I’m not quite following this part… I can only use import { inject as controller } from "@ember/controller"; in a controller and not a component… so should the shareModal action be moved to the composer controller?

Doh, you’re right. And you might be onto something with the idea of moving it into the composer controller, since this action extracts a bunch of properties from that controller just to pass it to showModal.

ok, just simplified things a bit… any thoughts @CvX?

Looks great!