UX: Warn users if the post that's currently edited has changed. (PR #6498)


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This is very cool

Any reasons we’re not always sending the originalText? Conflicts are not limited to wiki posts.

      raw_old: this.get("originalText"),


The “double negation” feels weird.

    if raw_old.present? && raw_old != post.raw

There should be a test for that :wink:

There should be a spec for that.

Maybe this instead?

  edit_conflict: "That post was edited by another user and your changes can no longer be saved."

The absence of raw_old will skip the check on server side.

First time raw_old will be sent so the server can check if there is a problem. The second time (after a editConflict happened) raw_old will not be sent anymore which will bypass the check and overwrite the content.

However, I do agree that it could work for all posts, not just wiki. The spec mentioned only these and I meant to ask you about it. :slight_smile:

The code itself explains the behavior quite clearly so I’m not sure if we really need this comment here.

We have a pattern for rendering json errors, you can have a look at render_json_error

Hmm this is never saved so the raw that the controller is seeing is different.

Ah, yes. It’s actually not needed at all. The test only requires raw_old and the actual post content to be different.

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Fixed and also changed one more occurrence of the same pattern above.