Yes to merge commits or no to merge commits?


We are not filtering out merge commits, adding --no-merges is easy enough. My question for @ZogStriP / @tgxworld is … do you want merge commits here or not?

Overall really we should be avoiding merge commits anyway cause we should be rebasing.

Totally on the fence here, can be a site setting I guess.

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I personally hate merge commits. They’re just noise :hear_no_evil: to me.

:skull: to all merge commits!

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There is the other side though, we should just disable merge commits for PRs in our various repos if we do not want them … Then any time this happens its totally by hand, not due to GitHub UX.

Oh, I didn’t know we could disable merge commits on GitHub. Yes, let’s do that!


Go ahead and make it so :confetti_ball: